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Horizon Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation | Physical Therapy Saginaw MI | Bay City MI | Flint MI Horizon Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation | Physical Therapy Saginaw MI | Bay City MI | Flint MI Horizon Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation | Physical Therapy Saginaw MI | Bay City MI | Flint MI Horizon Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation | Physical Therapy Saginaw MI | Bay City MI | Flint MI

Sharon Jackson

Ella Polk Before
Ella Polk After

Ella Polk

McFadden Before
McFadden After

Durant McFadden

“What brought me to physical therapy was that I have been having ankle problems for a long time. I have used physical therapy many times before but this was the first time I used it for my ankles. I was quite impressed with how young and very knowledgeable Dr. Adams is. He was just starting out and I was his first patient. He didn’t have a lot of equipment at the time but he had what he needed to treat me. Since I have completed physical therapy, I have had no problems with my ankles. He is quite good and I would recommend him to others.”

– Dennetta Waters

“I would like you to know, I am a 45-year-old woman with Multiple Sclerosis, dealing with a knee injury. I have been in physical therapy for eight years. Out of all those years, I have never gotten the results that I have with just one month with Dr. Adams. I had strength, balance, and just became more independent. I even dropped tears at therapy, because of the things I was able to do that I haven’t been able to do in the last eight years. Dr. Adams is a very intelligent, educated man who knows his physical therapy. I would pay out-of-pocket for Dr. Adams’ services knowing I would only get better. I highly recommend Dr. Adams and will refer everyone I know to him.”

– Barbara Leake

“Dr. Adams has always provided prompt and precise care of our patients that we have referred to him. After therapy 95% of our patients do not have the need to return for therapy. They are completely satisfied with his service. Our patients that were currently under physical therapy care refused to continue the therapy unless it was with Dr. Adams. I would highly recommend and refer my patients to Dr. Adams for therapy.”

– Local Physician

“Hip pain brought me to physical therapy. I had it for three or four months. Before coming to Dr. Adams, I had very little mobility. Since coming to him, physical therapy has helped me walk correctly, bend over, carry objects, sleep better, and be able to bowl. Thank you Dr. Adams.”

– Mildred Jackson

“An injured foot that has hampered me for eight years is what brought me to physical therapy. This wasn’t the first time that I have used physical therapy but this experience has been the most beneficial to me in that it has helped me get the most out of myself.”

– Randall Jasper

“I came to Dr. Adams first for my feet and ankles and also for my shoulder and back. I have had these problems for over 25 years. After therapy with Dr. Adams, I have knowledge of certain exercise to use at home for my treatment and haven’t felt this good in a long time. Dr. Adams took the time to explain so that I understood what was going and what I needed to do to feel better.”

– Daniel Murphy

“I came to Horizon Physical Therapy for stiffness and pain in my shoulder. I have never been to physical therapy before but my experience with Horizon was great. It was very one on one and Dr. Adams was comfortable to work with. I gained information I can use to help myself in the future.”

– Mary V. Johnson

“I came to Horizon Physical Therapy for a shoulder injury. I haven’t been to any other facilities but it was a great first experience.”

– Jennifer Marku

“I have had back pain for several years. I have used physical therapy in the past but I felt like I was at a gym. Dr. Adams was one on one and worked on the right places. If I have problems in the future, I will be back to see Dr. Adams.”

– Scot Coons

“I brought my 10 year old son to see Dr. Adams for knee pain. Dr. Adams was easy to talk to and worked one on one with him.”

– Charles Johnson, Jr.

“I have experienced low back pain for a number of years and Horizon Physical Therapy is the first time I have used therapy. I was very impressed with Dr. Adams knowledge. Since I have been to therapy, the pain has not reoccurred. I am recommending him to everyone including various physicians.”

– Larry Dutcher

“I have been having neck and shoulder pain for about a year. I have never used physical therapy before but my experience with Horizon Physical Therapy and Dr. Adams was very good and I was pleased with the service I received. I would recommend Horizon Physical therapy to anyone who is needs physical therapy.”

– Edward Driver

“I was having issues with my shoulder that brought me to Horizon Physical Therapy. It started about six months before my doctor ordered Physical therapy. I have gone to other facilities in the past for various issues but with Dr. Adams, I was more informed regarding what was actually happening to my body. I now have a better understanding how to manage my care. I feel empowered with the knowledge and can move forth with an active lifestyle.”

– Pam Althiemer

“I have never been to physical therapy before and Horizon has been awesome. I have had back pain on and off for two years and Dr. Adams was great he helped me become pain free.”

– Dallas Dunlap

“I have had problems with my knees for 4 years. Coming to Horizon was my first experience with physical therapy. I didn’t know that physical therapy would be such a big help. I left with my knees feeling so much better.”

– Naomi Bridges

“I was sent to physical therapy for tingling in my arm. I have had physical therapy before and I had a great experience at Horizon Physical Therapy. The therapy was more personalized. Dr. Adams spent a significant amount of time determining the cause of the problem and tailoring exercises and treatments to relieve the problem.”

– Jean Gartee

“I had an accident which caused neck and shoulder pain. Dr. Adams was very helpful. He gave me exercises that relieved the pain. He was attentive and helped make sure I was doing the correct activities. He did a great job with me and I really appreciate it.”

– Leonard Hicks

“I am a student athlete and have had weak leg muscles due to many years of sports activities. Physical therapy really helped me.”

– Walter Griffin

“As a Horizon receiver and believer, I’d like to share my experience with you. Needing a 3rd knee replacement in the past 15 years, I was referred to Dr. Adams and Horizon by a trusted neighbor, a current patient. The convenience of his location to my home was attractive and one day prior to my surgery, I popped in with no advanced notice and to my delight was given an introduction to Dr. Adams personally as well as his staff and welcomed to tour the facility on the spot. It was well equipped, extremely clean, in a pleasant, serene, and surrounding. I received a rare in advanced viewing of the Dr. in action and I was overwhelmingly impressed with the total experience.

I signed up on the spot and went to the hospital with the satisfaction of knowing in advance of my surgery, where I would be doing and with whom I would be working. After my 2 previous replacements, I was directed to a much larger, rehab facility, more equipment, ore therapists, however, also many many more patients at one time. I found early on to my dismay, that sometimes much more is really much much less. Less time with your therapist, less chance to get to the next necessary machine, in consistent variations of therapy as a result of having different therapist who also were working with several other patients at the same time resulting in delay causing my overall one hour appointment running in most cases two hours or longer. Not so at Horizon.

I received one on one care and instruction from Dr. Adams. Exact and precise directions, complete and thorough explanations of my individual exercises as to what to expect and why, how it would be vital to my recovery. It was always consistent treatment and advice. I was treated with courtesy and respect for the amount of time and effort I invested at these appointments. Dr. was always open to any discussion or questions I had regarding my therapy or expectations adding to my comfort level. My rapid improvement allowed me to resume my former activities, feeling secure in my ability to do so having received the maximum therapy necessary. To do so safely and with confidence.

Upon my release and learning that I indeed need a 4th knee replacement 12 weeks later due to surgical complications; I had no reservations about returning to Dr. Adams office once again entering his tried and true program. I am not half way into my recovery program and even more convince that Dr. Adams, Horizon and his staff, technique and individual treatment devised for me personally is thorough and effective.

It was a stress reducer to know in advanced of this latest surgery that I had a place a program that included a kind caring compassionate as well as highly skilled and knowledgeable Therapist with proven methods that would ensure my repaid recovery. We established a wonderful Doctor/ patient rapport and I am honored to voice my opinion about what I am certain will be one of many many positive testimonials on Dr. Adams and Horizon’s behalf in the future.”

– Marian Farrell

” What brought me to Horizon Physical Therapy was pain in my Achilles. I couldn’t walk and had to hop on one foot. I have had physical therapy in the past where the therapist would tell you what to do then just walk away. With Dr. Adams and Horizon physical therapy, I received one on one service and am able to walk well without pain. When recommending Horizon to others, I will be telling them what a wonderful place this is. Dr. Adams is excellent, the office staff is great and I am very pleased with the service.”

– Marva Harris

“I came to Horizon Physical Therapy with pain in my neck and shoulder. I have been to other facilities in the past but with Horizon and Dr. Adams, it was more personal. He also used different techniques that were not used in the past.”

– Leslie Tate

“I had pain in my ankle for two months before I came to Horizon Physical Therapy. Dr. Adams and his staff were very professional. Dr. Adams extended patience but demanded adherence to following all steps to rehabilitate my condition.”

– Barbara Cook Wesley

“I have had knee problems since the late 1990’s. I was not able to adequately get out of the car or even the bathtub. I have had physical therapy before and had a good experience. I came to Dr. Adams on the recommendation of my doctor. He stated that he had good success with knee complications. What if found with Dr. Adams is that he is unique in his approach and has set a new standard of excellence that may be hard to surpass.”

– Jackie Watkins

Kerry Webster Before
Kerry Webster After

“This is my third time using physical therapy and this is the first time I have had success. I have had back problems for five years. I like that Dr. Adams is one on one to deal with your problem. He helps you to get better and stronger. Keep up the good work!”

– Kerry Webster

“Heel pain is what brought me to Horizon Physical Therapy. I have had the pain for about a year now. I liked working with Dr. Adams because he was more hands on. He developed a good program to monitor my improvements.”

– Willie Brown

“I have had pain in my lower back and have used physical therapy in the past. I felt that Dr. Adams was great. His care is one on one and gave me specific plan to help relieve my back pain.”

– Felicia Cobbin

“I came to Horizon Physical Therapy with knee and back pain. I have used therapy in the past but with Dr. Adams he is more hands on. He gave me personal instructions a gave me direct answers to all my questions.”

– John Thornton

“I had Heel spurs three months before coming to Dr. Adams. I know Dr. Adams from outside the practice but I knew that he was the right therapist for me. He made me feel so at ease.”

– Essie Mitchell