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Dry needling (DN) is a treatment strategy employed by Physical Therapy and other medical professionals whereby solid monofilament needles of varying gauges and lengths are inserted into different soft tissues throughout the body. The purpose of needle insertion and other aspects associated with DN (such as manual manipulation or the addition of electrical stimulation intra-tissue) is primarily to reduce pain and return the individual to their prior functional level as quickly as possible without pain. DN is NOT acupuncture, and a distinction needs to be made noting that the two terms are not synonymous. The mechanisms of needle insertion, though similar in nature, are differentiated in the application and theory behind the two different types of needling interventions. DN focuses on anatomy, neurology, and physiology, whereas acupuncture is a component of oriental medicine and focuses on energy flow, meridian channels, and treating the source of pain by “stimulating” various internal organ systems through various pre-determine needling locations.

DN is more than “trigger point dry needling” (TrP-DN) or “intra-muscular manual therapy” (IMMT). Though commonly referred in these two aforementioned terms, and defined as such, DN is much more than these two narrowly defined titles. DN focuses on nerves, tendon insertions onto bones, ligamentous structures, bursitis pathology, trigger points regions of muscle, strains, and even fibromyalgic conditions. The breadth of conditions effectively treated by DN leads to a definition that is much broader than TrP-DN or IMMT lends credit to.

Our Doctors of Physical  Therapy at  Horizon Physical Therapy have extensive training from multiple DN educational programs, rather than focusing on one school of thought, and this allows them to better serve their clients. Their years of DN experience and expertise make them highly sought after for most neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions that can be improved with the use of DN.

Contact us at our Bay City or Saginaw locations to schedule a free consultation to see if DN is right for you. We have the training, and we have the experience to get you better faster!